【解決】Windows Updateが終わらない(KB4035631)




Windows Updateで配信されていますので皆さんが何かアクションする必要はありません。

Update replacement information

This update replaces the previously released update KB4035631.


Windows Server 2016 Standardで、2017-08 x64ベースシステム用Windows Server 2016 更新プログラム(KB4035631)のインストールが完了しない事象が発生してしまいました。



この場合はWindows Update カタログにアクセスして、手動でパッチを適用しましょう。

Windows Update カタログにアクセスして、目的のパッチを入力します(KB4035631)。

目的のパッチはWindows Server 2016用ですので一番上のパッチをダウンロードします。

ダウンロードしたパッチをWindows Server 2016上で実行します。




August update, KB4035631, fails
On every Server 2016 system we've checked on for a client today, they have a dozen or so, the September update, 2017-09, installed fine, but the 2017-08 update failed to install and is now stuck at 45% on "Downloading Updates".  Again, this is happening on a dozen different 2016 Servers!!!  
I've found a lot of people reporting issues with KB4035631.  Why has Microsoft not addressed this?  Furthermore, I was under the impression that each subsequent month's update as cumulative so if September's installed wouldn't that negate the need for August's?  Thoughts on how to fix this?


I received a reply from Product Team, about this issue, they said this is a known issue with express cab offered through WU. We need to download the full cabs to address this issue.
Windows 10 quality update downloads can be large because every package contains all previously released fixes to ensure consistency and simplicity. Windows has been able to reduce the size of Windows Update downloads with a feature called Express.



You're joking right??????  With all due respect, I'm angry.  You and the rest of Microsoft just seem to think it's ok to waste Partners' and customers' time.  Who pays the bill for your developers' and product managers' incompetence? Partners and customers.  Honestly, if the folks you heard from in the Product Team worked for me, let me be clear, I WOULD FIRE THEM.  PERIOD.  The mess that is the Windows 10/Server 2016 update process is unimaginably poorly designed and managed.  Literally, these folks should NOT be working for any company that reaches so many people worldwide.


件のやりとりを読んでいると、この事象が発生していない人もいるようで、バージョン 1607(OSビルド 14393.1715)の人のみ発生している事象のようです。



近々Hot Fixがリリースされそうです。

we have the latest update that the fix will be available in next week. Will update the fix link in this thread once we get it.



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