Bose Frames Alto

How to easily change the Bluetooth connection of Bose Frames

I will introduce how to change the Bluetooth connection of Bose Frames. It …
Bose NCH700

How to improve poor sound quality, how to solve breaking up music on headphones connected to Windows via Bluetooth

When you listen to music on your windows laptop via Bluetooth, the sound ma …

How to swap Caps Lock key and Control key simply[Windows10]

2020/5/10    , ,

Learn how to easily swap the caps lock key and the control key in Windows10 …

How to share sound in the video or audio with Zoom, Webex or Teams

When you share a video or an audio file with Zoom, Webex, or Teams, the aud …

How to format an SD card to FAT32 in Windows 10

2020/5/10    , , ,

I think that there is a case where you want to format the storage in FAT32 …

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