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How to improve poor sound quality, how to solve breaking up music on headphones connected to Windows via Bluetooth





In the article "How to improve poor sound quality, how to solve breaking up music on headphones connected to mac via Bluetooth ", I explained how to solve problems, listening to music in headphones connected to mac via Bluetooth, and the sound quality is bad.

Bose NCH700
How to improve poor sound quality, how to solve breaking up music on headphones connected to mac via Bluetooth
I recommended headphones usage as a headset, but when you listen to music, …


The same event may occur when your OS is Windows. I would also like to explain the solution.

First of all, it is a small review of the event, but there is a possibility that the following symptoms occur when the headphone is connected to the Windows laptop with Bluetooth.


  • Occurs only when you connect Bluetooth headphones to Windows. It does not happen when you connected to iPhone.
  • The sound quality too low to listen to.
  • Music is often breaking up.

In these cases, please review the following points again.

How to improve sound quality

The sound quality is degraded, the reason for the breaking up is because the connection profile with Windows is a profile for voice calls (HID).

If the sound quality is very poor, this connection method is likely to be a profile (HID) for voice calls rather than for listening to music.

Therefore, the symptom simply cures it by changing it to the profile for the music appreciation (A2DP).


Let's check the current situation, first. Open the sound settings screen.

How to open the sound settings screen

Open the sound settings screen from the Control Panel

Start the control panel and open the Sound Settings screen. When you open the control panel, you can see all the settings in the view by "Small icons".

Control Panel

Select Control Panel → Sound

Open the sound settings screen from the Windows settings screen

If you don't know where the control panel is, click the Windows button at the bottom left of the screen and open the Windows settings screen from the gear icon on the left.

Windows settings

Open windows settings and click "System"

Then select the Sounds tab on the left and scroll to the bottom of it and click on it as "Sound Control Panel."

Sound settings

Windows Settings Screen → System → Sound → Sound Control Panel

Check the sound settings screen

Check the sound settings screen. In my case, I use Bose Frames as headphones, so I will explain this as an example.

I think that it is displayed as follows in the sound setting screen.

Sound settingscreen

Sound settings, in Playback tab

The points are as follows:


  • The same headphones appear. One is Hands-Free and another is Stereo for Bose Frames
  • Hands-free is enabled

How to change the connection profile

Select the Recording tab to the right of the Playback tab.

Sound setting screen "Recording"

Recording tab

As you can see, the microphone is Bose Frames. In other words, you can see from here that it has been recognized as a headset.

Right-click on this Bose Frames to "disconnect".

Sound setting screen "Recording"

Right-click to "disconnect"

That is all to be done. Of course, you will not be able to use the microphone.

When you return to "Playback" tab, you can see the following screen.

Sound settingscreen

Make sure you've changed to Bose Frames Stereo.



We have learned how to change the Bluetooth profile of BT headphones from a call profile to a music profile.

When you connect headphones to a Windows PC, the sound settings are

  • Hands-free
  • Stereo

These two types of settings are displayed. Remember that "hands-free" is for calls and stereo is for listening to music.

Please note that if you want to make a voice call, you will need to return your profile to Hands-Free.

That is all!

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