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How to reset Bose Frames unofficially because the volume control stopped working





I love using Bose Frames.

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I am working at home every day due to the effects of coronavirus, but Bose Frames has not worked well recently.

Trouble events are the follwing;

Issues on Frames

  • I put it upside down but it doesn't turn off after 2 seconds.
  • When I removed the power cable from Frames, the power is turned on automatically even though I didn't press the button.
  • Holding the button and shaking my head left or right can't control the volume. Siri starts talking.

The firmware is the latest version v4.1.6.

This time, I want to introduce the method of how to solve these issues, because I was able to fix it somehow to try variously.


  • Please refer to this topic as just a reference level, because it might have just fixed it by chance.

Recovery Procedures

Recovery procedures

  1. Stretch the vine of Frames and put it upside down
  2. Power cable and force turning Frames off
  3. Disconnect the power cable
    → The power supply will be turned on without permission.
  4. Press the button once while it is upside down, and immediately press and hold
    → Make sure plop sound and the power is turned off.
  5. Fold the vine

In my case, I've fixed the problems. It's not a way back to factory reset, but it appears to have been reset internally.

That's all!

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