How to improve poor sound quality, how to solve breaking up music on headphones connected to mac via Bluetooth





I recommended a headphones usage as a headset, but when you listen to music using the headphones, you may suffer from the following symptoms.

Issues on the headhpones

  • Occurs only when Bluetooth headphones are connected to macOS. It does not happen when you connected to iPhone.
  • The sound quality is too bad to listen to.
  • Or, the sound often breaks up.

In such a case, please review the following two points again.

The sound quality is too bad

Bluetooth defines a communication method that is tailored to the application, called the connection profile. For example, a profile for music(A2DP), a profile for a headset (HID), or a profile for a network (PAN).

The headphones I recommend also have a microphone function, and I wrote how to use it as a headset in another article.

If the sound quality is very poor, this connection method is likely to be a profile (HID) for voice calls rather than for listening to music.

Therefore, you can easily solve the issue by changing it to the profile for the music(A2DP).

Let's check the current situation, first.

Hold down the option⌥ key and click the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar at the top right of the screen. And check the details of the headphones you are now connected to. In this article, I am using Bose Frames as an example.

Then, I think that you can see the SCO as a codec at the part where the character is grayed out like below. In this case, change it to the codec for the music because you have connected with mac as headset mode.


macOS is using SCO as a codec.

Press "Open Sound Environment" preferences like below.

Sound Preferences

Let's make the input (microphone) something other than headphones.

If you select the Input tab of the sound environment, you can see that the microphone input is Bose Frames as you can see. Change this to HD pro webcam C920 and a different microphone, or a built-in microphone.

In this way, you can see that the codec has changed to AAC as follows.


Valid codec changed to AAC (for music appreciation)

I think that the sound quality was improved dramatically in this way.

The music is breaking up

Another symptom is that the sound quality is not bad, sometimes the sound is breaking up. 

In fact, this method also helps to improve the instability that Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad frequently disconnect. Strangely enough, the Magic Keyboard has not disconnected so far.

How to use a terminal

The quickest way is to use the terminal. Launch the terminal, and type su command to change to root user, and then remove the property files (plist) such as /Library/Preferences/ and and restart the mac.


Remove /Library/Preferences/*

Last login: Wed Apr 29 16:49:27 on ttys002

The default interactive shell is now zsh.
To update your account to use zsh, please run 'chsh -s /bin/zsh'.
For more details, please visit
~ $ sudo su - root
Mac-mini: root# cd /Library/Preferences/
Mac-mini:~root# mkdir backup
Mac-mini: root# mv* backup
Mac-mini:~root# sync; sync; shutdown -r now


  • I think you may worry that keyboard and mouse will not be able to connect again because you remove all Bluetooth settings.
  • If you use Magic Keyboard or Magic Mouse, do not worry about that. Apple products have no problem.
  • I am also using Logicool's MX Anywhere mouse. In this case, I needed to reconnect it to Mac because the information of the registered equipment had disappeared.

How to use the Finder

Alternatively, launch the Finder and press Shift+Command⌘+g to move the folder directly. Enter /Library/Preferences or /Library/Preferences.


Enter the location of the folder directly in Shift+Command⌘+g

You can then go to the folder, so please delete and



In another arcile, I will explain in case of Windows.

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How to improve poor sound quality, how to solve breaking up music on headphones connected to Windows via Bluetooth
When you listen to music on your windows laptop via Bluetooth, the sound ma …


That's all! Enjoy!

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