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Car workshops in Germany





Today, I would like to introduce the car workshops that will be indebted to you after purchasing a car in Germany.


Car parts shop, A.T.U.

First of all, it is A.T.U. Auto-Teile-Unger stands for auto parts seller, I'm not sure though. They have branches all over Germany. They sell the car parts, the tires, and the car maintenance.

I've been in the past at A.T.U.

  • Oil filter, engine oil change
  • Brake pad, brake disc replacement



Neben den zahlreichen Meisterwerksttttten von A.T.U erwartet Sie in unserem Online-Shop eine-groe-auswahl an verschiedenen Autoteilen, sowie Felgen und R'dern. Hier k'nnen Sie Ihre Ware bequem und schnell nach Hause liefern lassen oder ganz einfach per click & collect online bestel len und in einer A.T.U-Filiale Ihrer Wahl abholen.

Tireshop, REIFEN

This is also a tire specialty store that operates branches all over Germany as well as A.T.U. 

I've asked them to

  • replace summer tires, replace winter tires
  • Summer tires
  • Winter tires

reifen.com - Markenreifen, Kompletträder und Felgen richtig günstig
Reifen für PKWs, Motorräder, Geländewagen und Transporter supergünstig. Wir bieten Ihnen supergünstige Markenreifen! Unschlagbare Preise, portofreie Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands, unkomplizierte Bestellung, flexible Zahlungsabwicklung, sehr große Auswahl

reifen.com Filial-E in M'nchen

Bereits seit 2001 befindet sich unsere Reifenhandel direkt im Stadtteil Milbertshofen. In unserem Verkaufsraum erwartet Sie eine exzellent E ausstellung mit 100 unterschied lichengen sowie unsere vier verk fer, die Ihnen die Vorz.ge jedes einzelnen Felgensatzes und den dazu passenden Reifen gerne erkl.en. Im Verkaufsraum Haben Sieberdies die M'glichkeit, einen Termin Zur Reifenmontage zu vereinbaren.

Glass trouble, Carglass

I have never used it until now, but it seems that they also have branches all over Germany. It seems that they will also repair and replace the windshield.



Store locations in Munich

The above shops are located in the following locations in Munich.

Flow when using the shop

Well, I think that it is not familiar for you, so I will briefly introduce how to use them.

First of all, you enter the store with "vehicle verification". The vehicle verification is as follows.

Vehicle verification (table)

Vehicle verification (front)

Car verification (back)

Car verification (back)

Then, line up at the counter. You have to line up for 15 minutes at .A.T.U., REIFEN, even car dealers in a que. You have never been accepted easily. You need to be  always in a line. And noone seems to be rushing.

Now, when your turn comes, you present the vehicle verification, and then you ask them to change the oil, the tires and so on.  You need to confirm the work to requests and you will get an estimate. And then you get a reservation of the work day. You'll hardly be able to work on it that day. It is usually designated as daytime one week or two weeks after. It takes time.

On the day of the reservation, you will go back again, and then you will be in line again, and you will be working happily. It's very stressful.

Be sure to have the vehicle verification returned

Be sure to get your vehicle verification back after finishing the work. If it is not returned, please check it because it is often sandwiched behind the sun visor of the driver's seat.


That's all!

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