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I studied in the Brighture English Academy for two weeks and another school for a week, three weeks in total in 2018 in Cebu, the Philippines.

I would like to give you a quick introduction of nice restaurants there. I am Japanese, so I know genuine Japanese foods.

Wash 'N Dry

If you stay at the Toyoko INN, I recommend you that the Wash 'N Dry would give you the best laundry service around the hotel. You can see another laundry nearby the entrance of the J Center Mall. But it does not wash clothes by themselves, therefore it takes some time to be done.

Wash 'N Dry is located by the hotel. It takes 2-3 mins on foot.

Wash 'N Dry is cheaper and faster. If you take the laundry in the morning, it may be completed in the evening of the day.

Even if the clerk is said, "It can be done this evening", don't believe that,  it will take until the next morning. Don't worry about small thing.


It takes about a 10-15 minute on foot from Toyoko Inn. It is a genuine Japanese restaurant that you can feel the Japanese atmosphere. Both price and taste are very nice.

Filipino food is quite oily and salty, like Sisig, so I think you would miss Japanese healthy foods soon. At that time, Chikuzenya is the best Japanese restaurant. Japanese style bone-less fried chicken is also delicious.

I also think it is good to go with your friends or family. The pot is very volumy like this.


A Japanese pod!, it's volumy

I met a Japanese who work in Cebu. He said that he lived another city in Cebu island where is an hour drive from Mandaue City. and he came to Cebu City or Mandaue once a month for shopping and leisure activities with his family.

When he and his family came to the city, they looked forward to eating Japanese food at Chikuzenya, so it seems to be a popular restaurant for local Japanese.

Ramen Yusho-Ken

You will need to take a taxi from Toyoko INN, and you will find the restaurant in Oakridge Business Park.

Please visit with the determination to wait at the ramen shop because it is popular with local people.

This ramen shop is a tonkotsu-based shop, but it is a real Japanese ramen shop. It's really good!I Remember that the fried rice was delicious as well.

The price is high for peso, but I think it was about the same as the Japanese yen.


This is a Japanese-style BBQ restaurant. You can enjoy meat tartar! It's very nice. It is prohibited to serve in Japan already. The difficulty is that there was no air conditioning inside the restaurant. We enjoyed BBQ on the terrace, saying that it would be cooler outside after all. It was super hot and humid in the end, though.

If you want to enjoy Japanese style BBQ, I recommend this place.

I forgot to take a picture, sorry.

Big Tom's Charbroiled Burger

An American burger shop near Kapitolyo in Cebu City. I used to go here for lunch.

If you stay at Toyoko INN, There is the big Tom in Oakridge Business Park as well. I didn't know that.

Big Tom's Charbroiled Burger

American Burger

The Social

Lastly, I would like to introduce the Social which is a lounge bar on the top floor of Ayala Mall. Ayala Mall is the most famous mall in Cebu.

When I had free time on the weekend, I always went here to enjoy mojitos, although it was daytime. Oh, my Goodes.

The Social

Mojito in the daytime

Dinner is also possible. I had been here to enjoy nice time with four of us.


I introduced some nice Japanese restaurants, reminded me of 2018 when I was studying English in Cebu, the Philippines.

I think that they are still open because they are not closed on Google Map. I hope it will be helpful when you want to have Japanese food in Cebu.

That's all.

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